I’m launching a new Glowing look and I thought I’d share the story of my process. Have you ever felt unclear about what you want? Indecisive? Confused? Are you an aspiring entrepreneur – maybe a health or life coach? Oh my goodness, I know exactly how it feels! The process of going after a successful career in something as cutting-edge as Health Coaching or Life Coaching takes courage, discipline, creativity, soul, vision and a magnetic personality for sure!

My number one piece of advice is this: LAUNCH AND LEARN. You are just going to have to leap into the unknown and trust in the process. Nobody starts out as experts. We all have to make mistakes, go through experiences and just recalculate as needed.

So what exactly was my process? Sometimes it feels as though I don’t know what the heck I’m doing, but the truth is, I know exactly what I’m doing. How do I know this? I’ll tell you my secret. I have rituals which are grounding, and from a grounded place I can tap into something I call Divine Intelligence. I call upon it and then I TRUST THE PROCESS. No apologies. No whining. No crying. If I miss a mark, I dust myself off and aim again.

Glow Blob_02_11_14_Divine Soul ConnectionSo how exactly did I come up with the look and feel of my brand, logo and website? I missed the mark my first time, but then I dusted myself off and hired a branding coach to do a CLARITY SESSION with me. It was scary and exciting at the same time, but I joined forces with Jennifer Ashby of Consciously Created, and we CO-CREATED a brand based on my personality and my gifts. (Don’t you love the concept of co-creating?!)

She knew I was feeling scattered, so she guided me into a space of good vibes and divine soul connection. She recommended a few books, and she literally told me to take a few weeks to really connect deeply with my spirituality. It was then and only then that I was able to move forward with free-flowing creativity and clarity.

Glow Blog_02_11_14_ClaritySo what is spirituality anyway? Do you pray? Do you believe in God, or the Universe, or Spirit, or Energy Connection? Whatever you call it; it’s all the same. I prayed for clarity, a conversation, and a deeper connection with divine intelligence. I prayed and meditated on the beach, and I prayed that I would feel clarity on exactly Who or What I was trusting. Who do you surrender to? How can you trust the process of divinely co-creating, magnetizing and manifesting your dream-biz if you aren’t clear about who or what you are surrendering to?

Surrender is trust without attachment, and THAT it a huge piece of glow magic. Glow magic is the key to manifesting our intentions and desires!

Once I got clear on this, things started to flow. Jennifer and I reconnected a few weeks later and we began with my core values – TRUST, HONESTY, and LOVE.

We listed the words which describe my personality – SUPPORTIVE – COMPASSIONATE/LOVING – SPIRITUAL – PLAYFUL/FUN.

We played with tag lines. “Uncover your GLOW…Reveal Your TRUTH…LOVE your life”. “Be HONEST…LOVE Yourself… TRUST the Process”. “Connect with Your Desires…Discover Your Glow…Live Fearlessly…and Love Your Life”. We moved forward with creating a brand that oozed my energy right through the computer. Juicy and fun, I know!

I have practical tips and lessons to share too of course! If you need time to figure out your strategy, take it, but I encourage you to get your website launched and your mailing list set up ASAP! Your list is your biggest asset in this business (besides you of course)! Get it started now. Just take one little step every single day and soon momentum will build.

Clarity will come.  Sometimes we just have to let go of all our resistance before creativity and clarity begin to flow. Focus on cultivating something I call “relaxed determination”. And be sure to LAUNCH AND LEARN! It’s the only way. I’ve learned I have to be ok with making mistakes. I learn from them and you just go for it again! :)

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