The Seven Essentials for Preventing Cancer and Living Your Healthiest Life
by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers:

(1) Let Food Be Your Medicine – Food has a huge impact on your genetic expression and can activate or deactivate cancer protective genes)

(2) Detox, and reduce your toxic exposure

(3) Balance your energy (We are energetic beings, so what can you do to keep that electricity and energy flowing properly? Yoga, sleep, balance your hormones)

(4) Heal Emotional wounds (learn to nurture, love & forgive yourself and others. manage your stress better. connect with others. be authentic and relaxed. Let go of the past!)

(5) Biological Dentistry – Your teeth are connected to your organs via your meridians. Remove toxic amalgams safely.

(6) Specific Plant supplements (herbs and oils) and Vitamins (supports reducing toxic load and heals and kills cancer cells, boosts immune system to prevent cancer)

(7) Practice True Prevention – Monitor your health with better tests that are way more effective and less dangerous than what is currently being used. ex. thermography and blood tests instead of mammogram

the 7 essentials