Do you ever see an animal or insect and just know it has a message for you? Maybe in person, in a meditation or a dream? A huge red wasp flew into my car the other day so I had to pull over and say hello to him, aka jump out and wait for him to leave! This little guy brings a lot of messages to those who pay attention to him.

Below are a few bites of wasp medicine I know we all can use.

“Success is the steady progress toward your personal goals.” – Wasp

wasp medicine

When Wasp comes buzzing into your life, you are being reminded that simply thinking about your dreams will not make them a reality. It’s time to also take some action. MAKE A PLAN, keep working towards it and let nothing get in your way. DESIRE, perseverance and action are calling your attention. Take heed and channel your passion so you can manifest the reality your highest self wishes to experience!

Wasp could also be letting you know that you may be resisting change in your life, thereby practicing self-sabotage. Reconnect with the belief that all things are possible, and that you deserve to have all your dreams come true. Truly step up for yourself and be the best you can be! An additional wasp reminder is to encourage and allow yourself to freely express your thoughts by releasing what others think. Stand up fearlessly for yourself!

Wasp brought all this to my attention, but I knew it was my job to take the action and create a foundational plan.

Below are my three tips for manifesting willpower, clarity and action.

(1) Use Essential Oils!

Therapeutic-grade plant oils are powerful tools for connecting with your WILL so you can take aligned ACTION. The power of nature is something we can all tap into. If you want to build a holistic lifestyle using plant essential oils, click here to request an oil tutorial with me or to host a group class for you and your friends.

Oils for Will-Power, Clarity, & Action:

Basil – overcome chronic fatigue (creates desire for stimulants); release toxins and the associated emotional blocks

Bergamot – encourages self-love, restores sense of self worth

Fennel – supports a shift from Unproductive –> Flourishing

Ginger – supports a shift from Apathetic –> Activated

Grapefruit – restores relationship with body’s natural energy

Juniper Berry – supports accessing, releasing un-accessed/unresolved fears

Patchouli – grounds and stabilizes; get the “guts” to take a leap of faith

Roman Chamomile – helps one live true to one’s self

Wild Orange – supports creative thoughts, expression; restores playfulness

Ylang Ylang – releases trauma; recovers connection to the heart, feel and trust again

Focus Blend – normalizes, stabilizes brain activity; invites acceptance of reality

Grounding Blend – grounds and stabilizes, supports personal accountability
doterra oils

(2) Use Yoga!

Yoga is therapeutic, physical movement for connecting with and grounding your intentions down into the “bodymind”, as I like to call it. It supports that connection of those mind-rooted emotions that are stored in the body. It also connects us to life-force, otherwise known as prana via the breathwork.

warrior 2

Yoga for Will-Power, Clarity & Action:

Clarity breaks us free of old, negative habits. Self-acceptance and a nonjudgmental attitude are crucial for deep connection and action that stems from inner transformation. The shift into deep acceptance is the gateway to true freedom.

As the Bhagavad Gita (2.59) says, “Sense objects fade for the abstinent, yet the craving for them continues; but even the craving vanishes for someone who has seen the truth.”

My favorite yoga postures for clarity, truth and freedom connect the body and mind with strength and an open heart.

Warrior II Pose combines strength in the legs, powerful action of the arms, and the lift and expansion of the ribcage, home of the heart.

Camel Pose develops a fierce, open heart so you can face your fears as well as the “unknown”.

(3) Use Nutrition!

One of the best ways to really tap into your clarity and will-power is to nourish your body with the proper fuel such as live enzymes, omega oils and antioxidants! Food is the fuel that regulates your energy and mood, both of which can significantly affect your WILL. I have tons of nutrition guidance as well as recipes to share so be sure to sign up for my e-mail list.

green juice

Nutrition for Willpower, Clarity & Action:

Live Enzymes from raw, cold-pressed green juice.

Spirulina may literally be the single most nutritious food on the planet. It’s an incredibly nutrient-dense blue-green algae which you can get in powder form and add to your smoothie and juice recipes.

Antioxidants stimulate the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain, keeping the mind fresh and focused.

Omega 3 Oils aid memory, mental performance and behavioral function. People who are deficient in omega-3’s are more likely to have poor memory, mood swings, depression and fatigue.

doterra LLV

Let me help hold you accountable and make things happen. Click here to request your free 15 minute consultation to discuss your Wellness Plan, coaching opportunities, and guidance with nutrition and oils.