The yoga practice is like a RESET button that shifts energy in my mind and body, opening me up from inside and putting me back into alignment. When I’m on my yoga mat, it truly feels amazing to synchronize my body and breath, flowing into the space where the energy of the mental chatter in my head shifts and moves down into my heart.

You may be wondering, “why is this woman the way she is? Why does she love yoga so much? What the heck are vibrations and energetic shifts into the heart?! Why is she so spiritual?”

I totally get it. I would have wondered the same thing not too long ago.

No, I didn’t technically have a NDE (near death experience), but my spirit did.

I’ve always been spiritual and fascinated by energy, but five years ago I was in a dark place. I was filled with fear and anxiety that wreaked havoc on my health and wellbeing. I had gone down the wrong path and created a life with the absolute wrong person. It was the worst feeling in the world. I cried on my wedding day. I cried the next day as I fantasized about getting it annulled. (We had a long engagement. Things got worse as the wedding approached but we had a big wedding already set so I put everyone else in front of myself. I didn’t want to let down my family and friends. I made a mistake and instead of stopping, I kept going. Silly, I know.)


I gave it my all for a couple years, to include counseling, books, documentaries on relationships. Finally, I knew I had to get out. I’ll leave the details out for now but I will tell you it was terrifying and intensely stressful, maybe even putting me on the spectrum of PTSD. I lived in the vibration of fear and consequently my health also suffered. (Everything is energy, and emotional states, attitudes and perceptions, as well as world views and spiritual levels of consciousness impact the body. For example, shame is a very low vibration while love is much higher and lighter. If this interests you, check out “Power vs. Force; The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior. It’s written by Dr. David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., and was introduced to me by my yoga teachers, Chris and John Yax. :) )

I’m not sharing this for any other reason than to maybe help one other person know that it is going to be ok. You are not alone. It is never too late. You CAN find relief from intense stress that causes anxiety in the body. You CAN find yourself again after losing yourself. You CAN be happy and healthy and thrive again after living in chronic stress for years. I did it and I want to share what I discovered so I can help other women too.

To deal with my stress and anxiety and because I honestly didn’t know what else to do with myself, I found myself inside Hot House Yoga studio more and more. It was my sanctuary, a vortex of healing. Today, 5 years later I am teaching at the very studio that was there for me when I needed it. It is truly an honor and divinely aligned. :)

Yoga creates shifts in your body – your chemistry, your energy, your awareness, your broken spirit.

To me it was put on my path from God.

With time it felt like I had a second chance at life that sparked so much gratitude that I began seeing magic in everything. The sky had never been so blue to me before, and the trees looked incredibly green as if they were glowing. I was free and could be ME, or at least begin to rediscover myself freely without walking on eggshells. (That kind of bliss and the spiritual journey following will have to come out in future blog posts).

One of the shifts yoga creates is a shift from the illusion of the “ego-mind”, into a FEELING of softening into being supported. EASE. SAFETY. STRENGTH. In yoga we refer to “ego” as a sort of virus that tries to take over the mind. It operates from fear, causing us to defend and attack, hiding behind a protective mask that covers the truth of who we really are. In that place we are vulnerable to aligning with toxic energy and behaviors.

However, our true nature is not fear-based. We have a divine right to wellbeing and vibrant health, stemming from loving-kindness and a place of confidence and fearlessness that arises from the connection with the vibration of unconditional love..

So how do you release that fear-based “ego” and create lasting change? It is counter-intuitive and sounds a bit cliche, but I’ll go ahead and say it. You must send love to that aspect of yourself when it arises. Remember, it arises out of fear, so simply love that aspect of yourself as you would a fearful child. That is the energy of non-resistance, which is a powerful energy for softening and allowing clear-seeing truth to rise into consciousness.

You will know when it happens. It feels like SPACE, then a spark of awareness, a shift in your energy and how you feel. Sometimes it also feels like you see the truth about other people and how they feel and think. Again, it is awareness, an incredible and sensing intelligence (if that makes sense).

Yoga is the practice of awareness.

awakening truth

One thing that flies out the window when you suffer from intense stress and anxiety is your focus and mental clarity. The brain literally turns off to protect itself. Guess what happens when people are so stressed out that they can’t focus at work or school? Dr. Psychiatrist tries to help you get through life by labeling you with ADHD and you begin compromising your mind and body with a highly addictive central nervous system stimulant such as Adderall.

over it

Let’s just think about that for one minute. People under chronic stress and anxiety are being misdiagnosed and the drug of choice for symptom management is a STIMULANT. The last thing someone with stress needs is a central nervous system stimulant. Follow me? They need to RELAX like its their full-time job until their body chemistry balances back out. (Instead of relaxing, most people go to the doc and get another medication. It is not out of weakness, but simply because people don’t know what to do. Hell, doctors don’t even know how to help beyond writing a prescription).

confused doctor

As we let go of fighting the “ego self” and soften into LOVE, we build the muscle of FAITH, bringing a sense of ease and peace, key elements for brain power and focus.

Enter yoga, meditation, spirituality, clean food, oils and my passion for helping others as a Health Coach so they don’t needlessly suffer through situational ADHD and Anxiety in a loop of symptom management.

If you take one of my yoga classes you will notice my passion for space and perspective in the dance of my voice as you are guided to coordinate your movements with your inhalations and exhalations. You will also notice an extra special, super relaxing experience in the closing postures and in savasana. That is because RELAXING the nervous system is so powerful and I want every single one of my yoga students to experience themselves as masters of relaxation, as masters of their minds and bodies.

yoga at home for clarity

Keep in mind yoga is not an “easy button”. It does take consistent practice, time and patience, but building that is part of the reason yoga is so powerful.

Love that which arises.

So next time you step onto YOUR mat, I invite you to set an intention for connecting with space from your mental chatter so you can experience your true power, clarity and focus in the stillness and faith of your heart center.

Do you desire a journey into yoga and meditation from the comfort and flexibility of your home? Are you tired of feeling scattered and incredibly busy and stressed?

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xo, A

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