Living your BEST life and fullest potential happens when you LET GO of everything you were programmed with, who you thought you were, what people told you, those experiences that conditioned you to play small or hold back.

You CAN change your thoughts.
You CAN change the expression of your genes.
You CAN release anxiety.
You CAN bring clarity and focus into your life.


(1) START WITH DETOX Detox all the crap and make your way towards a more nontoxic lifestyle. Experiment with clean eating, clean household products, clean thoughts and clean medications over synthetic ones. Make the transition SLOW and NATURAL so its REAL and LASTING.


(2) PRACTICE YOGA Open and lengthen the body so the systems can work cohesively and your life-force energy can move freely through you. Get on your YOGA mat, at home or at a studio.

yoga stretch

(3) Restore postural alignment. Learn to ground your feet and activate your legs to anchor your foundation and stand tall with power and confidence. Lift and open your chest so your heart can be wide open without having to hunch over and protect it. Relax your shoulders back and down to connect with a sense of ease and smoothness. Hold your head high and love who you are without hiding it from others. (Go ahead and make orgasmic sounds of love to that organic chocolate if that is you!)

desi lydic chocolate posture

(4) MEDITATE Restore your central nervous system to restore your hormones by connecting with your breathing patterns. Deepen and lengthen your breath.

beauty meditation

(5) DON’T STOP. Give your body the chance to return to its natural state so it can heal itself and thrive naturally.

(6) BELIEVE Open up your mind to limitless possibilities and to your true nature. BELIEVE.


(7) WRITE DOWN YOUR DESIRES. Intention is everything. Start by setting intentions and planting those seeds in the mind. Water and nourish them with a consistent meditation practice. You MUST write it down and pay attention to it.

(8) SIMPLIFY and SLOW DOWN as much as possible to reconnect with nature and with your center.


LET GO of all those stories that you have downloaded. Its time to RESET and understand that you are not stuck with your situation and your health ailments. You are not stuck with suffering.

Your body is your channel for inspiration and love; it is the vehicle for your spirit. Open it fully and bring it into alignment with its true nature so you can see more clearly, love more fully and evolve your soul purpose.

If all that doesn’t resonate with you, then just keep having courage and being kind, to yourself and to others. Keep following your breath and feeling the shifts. 😉

xo, A