Empathic, aspiring beams of light are beautiful, highly sensitive and intelligent earth angels in my book.

Unfortunately, the lightness of aspiring beams of light can make denser, lower vibrational peeps highly uncomfortable. Oftentimes lower-vibe egos respond to “lightness” by creating drama, a false and temporary distraction from their pain. As they say, misery loves company.

As an empath, your work is to purify, strengthen and solidify your personal “vortex”, as well as to increase your awareness of when you are “channeling” other people.

As you remember again and again who YOU are, outside energies become less influential yet your awareness opens even more! It’s magical and fiercely powerful. ?

And as you solidify your vibe and presence, you not only feel more peace and clarity, but your physical health also improves. With the practice of presence, mindfulness and awareness, your health can dramatically improve. Mine certainly did and continues to.


Here are 4 Steps for highly sensitive, empathic people for getting that GLOW from the inside out.

(1) Keep remembering that there are two fundamental MINDSETS. One is the program of a fear-based attitude. The other is a love/compassion-based attitude. It’s simple; this is your compass.

(2) Keep remembering to HIT THE PAUSE BUTTON. (The more open your channel is, the more important this becomes). It’s like having an antenna that is picking up more than most. Be specific and intentional with what you want to allow in. Dial down the noise. Change the station. Choose to slow it down. Quality over quantity.

(3) Notice what you notice. Notice when people make you feel good or bad. When someone projects their fear-based story out into your awareness, check in with yourself before you absorb it as your own.

(4) One effective way to do this is to meditate and look into yourself with an organized system such as the chakra system. Observe and breathe into each area of your life, coming back into balance, thereby purifying any fear drama absorbed by external peeps.
The more you hold your lightness the more that lightness helps shift the collective consciousness. Be brave and keep practicing.

I know many of you struggle with headaches, tension and Inflammation in the body so let that motivate you to keep practicing your awareness. Your health WILL shift as your mindset raises your vibe.