Happy Monday babes,

This week I’m reflecting on all the energies that are coming in to support us, challenge us, grow us and push us. Yes, I do believe there are collective energies and planetary/cosmic things which affect us, but don’t allow those things, or any “expert” for that matter, to ever take your power.

Here’s the thing, we are all intuitive and connected.

Some of us are more aware than others, and we are all very powerful and very different.

Have you ever looked to a friend, a family member, or maybe an “Intuitive”, or even an “energy report” for information on your life? I certainly am a fan of getting expertise, support, education, etc.

However, I am being guided to remind all of you that YOU ARE YOUR OWN GURU.

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Take information but do not give your power to it. The process of awaking your SELF-LOVE and becoming a master manifestor requires you to be connected to your own HIGHER SELF, aka Inner Guide, aka Soul Self. The goal is to connect to our own power and love.

Sure, external knowledge and expertise is power, but lets just be real clear about our intentions when we go seeking outside ourselves. Stay focused on the fact that you are to always take external information and guidance and then go inward with it and ask YOUR Higher Self the questions.

Ask yourself, “Am I giving my power away by not acknowledging my Inner Guide, who herself is a source of infinite wisdom?”

YOU are a powerful energy being, and you have FREE WILL. You don’t have to wait for the moon to be new or the planets to come out of retrograde in order to move and take action NOW. Don’t fall for that crap if someone tells you who you are or where you are headed. We are master manifestors in the here and NOW when we are harnessing our FULL POWER.

Don’t seek outside yourself unless you are willing to bring your intel back to your Inner Guide.

The most important thing in achieving your desires, manifesting with meditation and loving your life, is to shift from focusing on the “outer experiences”, to your “inner experience”.

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Are you in touch with your depth? Or are you at the surface?

Your INTUITION is your greatest superpower. Outer experiences change like the weather, but your inner depth, if you tap into it, is always clear and still.

Connect to it and you can stand firm in knowing that nothing and no one can stop you.

Connect to it by getting still and quiet with meditation.

Connect to it by dialing down your mind and moving into your body with yoga. Connect to it by releasing the past programs and detoxing negativity so you can more swiftly move beyond the surface and go deeper.

YOU are a powerful creator.

Tons of Love, A

nothing can stop me

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