The 7 Essentials

The Seven Essentials for Preventing Cancer and Living Your Healthiest Life
by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers:

(1) Let Food Be Your Medicine – Food has a huge impact on your genetic expression and can activate or deactivate cancer protective genes)

(2) Detox, and reduce your toxic exposure

(3) Balance your energy (We are energetic beings, so what can you do to keep that electricity […]


How do I transition onto and off of my cleanse?

We recommend that you ease your body onto and off of a full juice cleanse. Pre-cleansing can take anywhere from two days to two weeks, but the basic goal is to eliminate “toxins” from your current diet (caffeine, alcohol, meat, dairy, refined sugars, gluten), and to begin to add whole […]

Get Your Greens!

Want to get your greens and boost your body in a major yet simple way?

Pack kale and spinach in your blender with your choice of milk and fruit, maybe some almond butter and ice… Chia seeds, oils and vitaminerals or TerraGreens are great boosters too…. AND take 2 drops of Zendocrine detox oil blend under the tongue AM […]

3-Day Advanced Juice Cleanse

I am testing out the 3-Day Advance Cleanse offered by a local Juice Bar here in Virginia Beach, JuiceBar 8020.  I’m not sure how this is going to feel.  Will I be hungry?  Will I feel too weak for my Hot Yoga practice?  Will I feel amazing?!  Will have have more energy and focus?  Will I be […]

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    The Secret to a Young & Sexy Body – The Acid-Alkaline Effect

The Secret to a Young & Sexy Body – The Acid-Alkaline Effect

Has your doctor advised you to work on alkalinizing your blood?  Hmmm, what the heck is that?

The theory is that a high-acid diet creates a breeding ground for disease and leads to poor health. “If you’re getting aching joints, gaining weight, craving carbs or sugar, or you have brain fog, then you’re running too acidic,” Dr. Simone Laubscher says. […]

Tips for Trying the Vegan Thing!

There’s a big misconception out there about Vegan.  Everyone who is Vegan LOVES it!  However, those who are not Vegan are completely confused.


















I feel so clean and light when I am eating a plant-based diet.  I was a little skeptical about Vegan until I learned more during […]

Food Combining

The Basic Concept

Ideally you eat foods together that have roughly the same digestion time, so that you don’t create a “conflict of interest” in your stomach, which could potentially lead to bloating, discomfort, fermentation, and even yeast overgrowth in your gut.


The Science

Starches and proteins in a concentrated form are not […]

14 Day Glow Reset Cleanse

This is one week of whole, vegan foods followed by one week of nutrient-dense foods and probiotics … with a TON of supplemental information and support. This is the easy and gentle way to do a detox.

Here’s how it works:

WEEK 1 – Gently reset your body with a vegan detox + begin a course of oils to rid the […]

Cinnamon Green Recovery Smoothie

In a blender, combine and blend…

  • Handful Spinach – Of course this is loaded with Vitamins, but the big deal is this… real veggies are CLEANSING to our digestive tract.
  • Banana – Goodbye Hangover! Replenishes the potassium lost to alcohol’s diuretic effect.
  • Teaspoon Bee Pollen – Good for the intestinal flora and thereby supports the immune system which is compromised by stress […]

Where Did You Get That Glow?

Apparently I have a GLOW, and I assure you I did not always glow. So what changed? This is something I have been musing over lately. I’ve come up with a list of things it could be. It could be yoga, supplements, CPTG essential oils, green tea, spirulina etc. It could be that I […] kammer-mona