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    Bringing Nature’s Gifts into Your Yoga Practice with AromaYoga

Bringing Nature’s Gifts into Your Yoga Practice with AromaYoga

This is NOT your every day yoga class! It is something new and exciting to take your personal, physical and spiritual evolution in an accelerated direction!

Weaving essential oils into your yoga practice can deepen and expand your yoga experience in new dimensions with just a few powerful, healing drops. Essential oils, like yoga, are both […]

October 2015 Vibes

Have you noticed yourself feeling lighter and more empowered than you did in September? Currently, the collective vibe is very supportive! It’s time to play with your personal, creative, manifesting power by fully engaging with your life. Consider yourself a “life alchemist”!

I have a plan...doyou trust me?-2

The New Vibrational Reality

Some of us are in the gentle process of merging what we know to be “Reality” with another Higher “Vibrational Reality”. Operating with new senses, we can feel and see another world, a world of ENERGY. In this world we can see, feel, hear, and experience what other people are feeling. Its like being able […]

Ginger – The Oil of Empowerment


Ginger oil holds no reservations.  It has a purpose and it will fulfill it!  Ginger powerfully persuades individuals to be fully present and participate in life.  It teaches that to be successful in life one must be fully committed to it.

Ginger addresses deep patterns of victim mentality.  A victim mentality is evidenced by feelings of powerlessness, believing everything […]

3-Day Advanced Juice Cleanse

I am testing out the 3-Day Advance Cleanse offered by a local Juice Bar here in Virginia Beach, JuiceBar 8020.  I’m not sure how this is going to feel.  Will I be hungry?  Will I feel too weak for my Hot Yoga practice?  Will I feel amazing?!  Will have have more energy and focus?  Will I be […]

Food Combining

The Basic Concept

Ideally you eat foods together that have roughly the same digestion time, so that you don’t create a “conflict of interest” in your stomach, which could potentially lead to bloating, discomfort, fermentation, and even yeast overgrowth in your gut.


The Science

Starches and proteins in a concentrated form are not […]

Cherish the Journey of Your Discovery and Expression

Don’t you just love beautiful, aligned connections and conversations? Once you begin to have them it gets easier to create more.

I’ll share an example with you below. [This just happened today and I couldn’t help but throw it on the blog for YOU.]

Me: Yes, I do think and feel A LOT… deeply. I’m working on being able to share […]

Your Divine Light Shines On ~ Poem

In your honor,

A sweet, divine message

I embrace and share


Live right Now

Because Now is all there is


As we practice living in the Now,

We gain divine gifts


Peace, contentment, joy

Gratitude, connection, love


And we finally catch a hold of

That shininess we’ve been reaching for


As we practice living in the Now,

We cultivate freedom


Freedom from worry and fear

So the turbulent storm can soften


In this soft, […]

What Does Your Soul Want?

Imagine having spiritual breakthroughs of being able to glimpse amazing new possibilities

I tasted it and I want more… more of feeling/sensing/knowing that what I desire is already happening.

That is how I feel, and now I want to share that with others.

What does your soul want? I don’t know about you, but I want to deeply trust that my soul’s […]

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    Keep Your Eye on Your Vision, but Allow Yourself to Be Where You Are

Keep Your Eye on Your Vision, but Allow Yourself to Be Where You Are

I have a problem with “future-tripping”. I let my mind hijack my body and before I know it my brain is bathing in stress hormones. It’s a vicious cycle that sucks you deeper and deeper until you can’t remember what it was like to be your most beautiful self.

I was recently trying so hard to get back to a […]