Are you Giving your Power Away?

Happy Monday babes,

This week I’m reflecting on all the energies that are coming in to support us, challenge us, grow us and push us. Yes, I do believe there are collective energies and planetary/cosmic things which affect us, but don’t allow those things, or any “expert” for that matter, to ever take your power.

Here’s the […]

What is your idea of LOVE?

Everyone wants to love and be loved, and yet it is an illusive concept for many people. We wonder why we don’t honor our health, our desires and our dreams. We wonder why we are afraid to go after big things. We sometimes fear relationships. We may fear parenting.

I know I have been […]

Just Let Go ~ Poem

Throwing a poem out here on the Glow blog ya’ll.

It’s really a yoga theme for 2016. It’s inspired by so much, but particularly vibes with my theme song “Jesus, Take The Wheel”, Carrie Underwood.

yoga stretch

It’s called…
Just Let Go ????

Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious,
to move your mind […]

  • 5 holistic tips for inflammation
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    Transform your Health ~ Holistic tips on that buzzword, INFLAMMATION

Transform your Health ~ Holistic tips on that buzzword, INFLAMMATION

Here are the top 5 causes of Inflammation, the root of disease and pain. In this video I also share some of my story, my transformation and why I cared enough to quit my corporate job and become a Holistic Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Yoga Teacher.

So You Think Meditation Sounds Boring?

Meditation doesn’t have to be about sitting around doing nothing. Nope. Its more about grounding your energy, dialing down the noise and tuning in to something much bigger.

“Is this all there is?” We ALL ask ourselves this at one point in life, if not many times in life.

Here’s a short video about how mediation […]

How to Manifest Love & Health with a Meditation Practice

The power of the energy in meditation and how it physically restructures the brain while also connecting the heart.

The Power of Non-Attachment in Meditation & Life

The power of meditation and the spiritual principle of Non-Attachment for Creating more Peace and Presence on and off your mat.

Connect With Your Energy Centers to Get Grounded & Calm

Click below to enjoy a short guided meditation that will introduce you to color and the energy centers in your body known as chakras. This meditation supports a shift from being in the mind, to getting down into the body so you can turn inward and connect to a more primal and intuitive way of being.

Meditation Monday ~ How to Deepen Self-Love with Meditation

Check out last week’s Meditation Monday video. It touches on the two main categories of meditation, Transcendental and Guided/Visual. I share a tip for how to use visual meditation to Deepen Self-Love and peace.

8 Steps To Evolve Your Health & Mental Clarity

Living your BEST life and fullest potential happens when you LET GO of everything you were programmed with, who you thought you were, what people told you, those experiences that conditioned you to play small or hold back.

You CAN change your thoughts.
You CAN change the expression of your genes.
You CAN release anxiety.
You CAN bring clarity and focus […] toevs