Hello, love.

Have you been feeling like something is missing? Would you like more wellbeing, guidance with nutritients and/or a personal mentor and coach to help you connect with clarity and create your plan of action to get you more aligned with living out your heart’s desires? If yes, one-on-one VIP Coaching is for you.

I believe in the power of the Mind, Body and Spirit connection. Typically, most people engage in working with a doctor to manage symptoms with synthetic substances. Or they choose a therapist or counselor to address the mind but they are often going in circles.

I work in a very different way that leaps from that endless loop of symptom management, to restoring the natural ability to shift energetically so you can THRIVE rather than just survive.

I work with the physical body and the power of focusing in the energy body to get it performing in a way that naturally supports more energy, clarity, focus, confidence, weight-loss, personal power, inner peace and freedom.

Health issues such as headaches, allergies, high blood pressure, anxiety/depression, gastrointestinal issues, pain and more can work their way out of one’s life naturally. It’s effective and the results are incredible!

What goes down in a Session?

Sessions are customized based on the goals and energy of the individual. A $345 Initial Discovery package comes with two one-hour sessions to discover and strategize your intentions and wellness plan. From there you may book a package to partner together on a 6-month program customized for you and your desires.

Any time two or more people come together the energy draws in more power from the Universe, creating synergy to amplify your highest evolution of wellbeing and purpose. We will take you on a reverse-engineered journey into wellness and lifestyle satisfaction. Contact me to book a 20 minute phone session to discuss if this is a good fit.

I can’t wait to hear about your desires.

xo, A