“After just two coaching calls with Angela, I have been able to start letting go of ingrained belief systems and habits I had grown up with that no longer serve me. Angela’s caring nature and positive attitude are like a breath of fresh air, and her genuineness is easily felt, through the phone and through her encouraging emails. She is a true example of a person who is following her bliss, and it is a privilege and a pleasure to work with her in achieving my goals and aspirations. Thank you Angela!”
– Lenora Deroy, US Naval Officer
“I’m so grateful for my connection with Angela, and I recommend her 100% as a health/life/yoga coach. Just a few minutes of talking to her sets me right back on track. I’m so excited to be working with her. I’m ready to make the world GLOW!!!”
– Meredith Guthrie, Realtor
“Angela is an amazing and kind person. I feel so lucky to have worked with her. She creates a safe place for others to be themselves and talk openly. Angela, thank you for sharing your thoughts and time with me. You are always kind, respectful, and authentic.” – Monique W.
“Angela has a unique gift which should be shared with everyone! She has a natural, gentle, compassionate and playful way of opening up a space for creative solutions and transformation. She helps me get clear about the ways in which I can change the things in my life that need to shift. She guides me in a way that cultivates mindfulness, self-love and self-compassion. In one conversation with Angela, I find myself enjoying challenges and the growth that comes from them.”
– Ashley Camp, Health Coach
“Can I just attempt to express how grateful I am to have Angela in my life?! I can forget why I do what I do, and get stressed out really easily. She is an angel. She has this amazing gift of putting things in perspective in a gentle, kind, loving way that is kick-ass too. She propels me forward with fresh, new perspectives and energy!”
– Linda White, Yoga Teacher
Angela is a Contributor to MindBodyGreen!