Manifest with Meditation

Manifest with Meditation is an educational program which will be customized to support YOU in creating your vision and making it your reality. You will be guided and fully supported in a highly personalized plan to get you set up to create what you want in your life. This program is for YOU regardless of your location. All sessions will be over the telephone or Skype. Don’t you just LOVE technology!?

What to Expect

You will connect with your desires, get crystal clear about them and learn how you can create a kick-ass life you love with the guidance and support of your very own personal coach. I will teach you the power of intention, self-love, positivity and divine soul connection, your inner guidance system.

This Program is Perfect for You if . . .

  • You are aware that you can create what you want in your life, but are not sure how to start (or even where to begin).
  • You want to connect more deeply with your meditation, but you sometimes feel stuck.
  • You want to embody a more CONSISTENT energy of being grounded, connected and creative. You’ve tasted an experience of something in your meditation practice and you want MORE!

What this Program Covers

  • Taking your clarity and intention to a higher level
  • Meditation exercises and tools to help you connect to Divine Intelligence and Your Inner Voice
  • You will be supported in writing your evolved personal mission statement
  • Balancing relaxed determination with surrender, trust without attachment

Click HERE to schedule a chat with me about signing up for this mind-blowing program so you can harness the transformational power of intention and surrender. I’m looking forward to seeing you GLOW!